Du lịch Hải Phòng

Trang Kenh Attractions

Thuy Nguyen, Hai Phong

Location: Canal Landscapes Trang Thuy Nguyen district center of Hai Phong city 20km north-east.

FEATURES: Home Channel is a complex of limestone caves hills, rivers, water with poetic natural scenery.

U Bo is a mountain in the population of this mountain, this is where the legend of Tran Hung Dao stood to command naval battle against the Yuan invaders - Mongolia. Standing on

U Bo Mountain, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the Bach Dang River. Quiet mountain rivers, the immense sky brings makes many legendary scene where more and more attractive.


Around Canal Trang has many interesting activities. Hang King Minh Tan commune, 18m high, 10m wide. In the cave there are many niches, with cool spring water all year round. King called for every legend that has made the 18th Hung King li provision here. Hung King Temple is located in the middle of the cave, the king is carved in stone, looks very lively.

Channel colon were archaeologists discovered a factory where the jewelry of ancient people over 4000 years ago. In the war against France, it is also a revolutionary base of the army and people of Haiphong.

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