Du lịch Hải Phòng

Cat Co - a tropical oasis

Vinh Bao ,Hai phong

Located separate from the noisy streets of the town of Cat Ba (Cat Ba district, Hai Phong), Cat Tien tourist resort is like a tropical oasis created by the two beaches is the Cat Co 1 Cat Co

As the turtles, rocky ledge jutting into the sea split into two frames of two beaches separated heaven. Romantic wooden bridge leads visitors to Cat Co 1 and Cat Co 2.

The right is a rocky mountain, the left is the blue sea. Here, every moment has its own beauty. Pick up the morning after sunrise on the beach, visitors can take a train to visit Lan Ha Bay, Hai Thanh conquer mountains, Chopped Hon, Hon toed, visit Monkey Island.

There were so many tourists to discover the wild beauty of the area by kayak rental (a rowing boat float arm type, price of 50,000 VND / hour), hand paddle into the bay.

Guests can come by Cat Tien: Riding high after the Ben Binh (Hai Phong) travelers to hire high-speed train or ferry to travel to Dinh Vu and Cat Tien.

Bay, nestled on the slopes is the mini beach, sand flat, unusually quiet. This is one of the features that nature has bestowed to Cat Ba.

Afternoon, after participating in games and sports such as beach volleyball, jumping in sacks, boating ... visitors will have a dinner at the beach.

Night, lying in tents close to the edge of the ocean, hear the waves flapping ì new oap how romantic.

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