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Stone United a dynamic address archeological tourism on Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba, Hai Phong

Come to Cat Ba, we can not ignore an address tourist attractions such as The Da Hoa commune of Gia Luan. Luan Gia commune in the north adjacent to Cat Ba Island Ha Long Bay ferry terminal and is connected to Tuan Chau (Quang Ninh). Lies in the Marble Mountains northeast of the residence of the community.

Action lies at an altitude of about 15 to 20 meters above ground residence, 50 meters above sea level. The height of approximately 10 meters, where the widest is 25 meters, nearly 100 meters in length. The top of the stalactites with many shapes as an excellent sculpture of the Creator. Below a small lake wallpapers grew to the fanciful when light passes through. The blocks of stone bearing the shadow of the colossus of people, making fun of reminiscent of the fairy tale characters. Better still, both are here, the archaeologists have unearthed and discovered fossil teeth of ancient apes dating thousands of years now. This discovery is proof of the existence of ancient apes on Cat Ba Island. Although located

residential area not far from the lively Stone Flowers almost intact, there is no infringement of human beings. The location, very convenient geography and convenient transportation system, The Stone Flowers are an ideal address for visitors eager to learn about archaeological tourism. And culture and Cat Ba Island District currently has programs to protect and study the introduction of Da for all U.S. travelers in the system of archaeological tourism on Cat Ba Island.

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